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Broken Beans

Broken Beans - Oven Mitts Pair (3x Colors)

Broken Beans - Oven Mitts Pair (3x Colors)

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     Ava thought the first thing any good cook SHOULD HAVE, is a quality oven mitt. As most thing that happen in the kitchen require some type of heat, it's always best to protect yourself. Safety should always be top priority in any kitchen, whether home or professional - but especially parents teaching cooking to children. Ava is all to aware as she herself has touched a hot stove accidentally... (So yes, this is a PAIR!!! To protect both hands)

     So she set out on a mission to find the very best Oven Mitts/Pot Holders. We sampled MANY MANY manufacturers to finally find something that we feel confident about. She worked with our family friend Ryan Koster - to do the artwork for our Oven Mitts. The logo will be put onto the wrist area of each Oven Mitt. This is the first of many items to come from Ava J! Stay tuned! 

*Not an AGL Discs Item. This is a product being sold THROUGH AGL Discs, via Broken Beans Restaurant - presented by Ava Jones.

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