The New Locust Fairway Driver (9/4/-1/3) was just PDGA Approved! Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @agldiscs.


     Since 2011, our team has been hard at work with our obsession to look at this sport from what we call the "10,000 ft level". We started creating our first driver, the Cypress, from scratch - both the plastic and the mold designs, and they have come a LONG, LONG way. Our 3D Printed Prototype that lead the way to our first production run made it easy to prove the performance of our unique designs. Those changes allowed us to cater our designs, to what we were hearing as desirable traits, for the players. Here at AGL, we will always be vigorously testing our products, and looking for new ways to improve this great sport. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, or Twitter @agldiscs. #ABOVEGROUNDLEVELDISCS #AGLDISCS #GROWTHESPORT

     As of 2018, we began working with Gateway Discs, to have them produce all of our molds going forward. This also ensures ALL AGL DISCS PRODUCTION IS DONE IN THE USA!!! We are truly proud of that fact, as we keep jobs here in America. Now we offer a variety of molds, in a few different plastic types. Check out the Products Info Page to get details and specs for each mold we produce. Or check out our Catalog Page if you just want to grab and go! We're okay with that too! Ava is always ready and standing by to pack up some discs. She is sometimes more nice than usual - and throws a freebie in here or there. Will you be the lucky one today?

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Disc of the Week! (SEE BELOW)

This week - we are highlighting our Ponderosa. This disc sold out SO FAST, when we first released it. Too fast, because we had to wait for the restock. So here it is folks! We have it in both Hemp and Woodland, but this week we are featuring the Hemp Edition.

Check out one today and you will see what we are talking about. The hemp blend has incredible grip and durability. This disc has GLIDE FOR DAYS!!! 

So we want to thank you for Branching Out, and checking out Above Ground Level Discs. We're a small family trying to grow big things!  

AGL Discs - Hemp Ponderosa (5x Colors w/ AGL Bar Stamp)

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