Since 2011, our team has been hard at work with our obsession to look at this sport from what we call the "10,000 ft level". We started creating our first driver, the Cypress, from scratch - both the plastic and the mold designs, and they have come a LONG, LONG way. Our 3D Printed Prototype that lead the way to our first production run made it easy to prove the performance of our unique designs. Those changes allowed us to cater our designs, to what we were hearing as desirable traits, for the players. Here at AGL, we will always be vigorously testing our products, and looking for new ways to improve this great sport. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, or Twitter @agldiscs. #ABOVEGROUNDLEVELDISCS #AGLDISCS #GROWTHESPORT

We now offer a variety of molds, in a few different plastic types. Currently our line-up consists of:

- Madrone (MicroBead Putter)

- Manzanita (Beadless Putter)

- Magnolia (Mid-Range)

- Sycamore (Fairway Driver)

- Cedar (Driver) *AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE MARCH 30th!!!

- Cypress (Driver) *Discontinued, but still available throughout our numerous partnered retailers)

Make sure to check out the Factory Store to see what's available now.

Bulk Sales available upon request: info@agldiscs.com