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We want to be the "Greenest" Disc Golf company out there!

All our discs are made with recycled plastic! Yes, you read that right! All our plastic is sourced and produced HERE in the USA! We want to change the way people think about their discs, and how they are made. So teaming up with Gateway, and purchasing our own American Made Recycled Plastic, we have ensured that we have sourced and produced our product with the environment in mind. Our Woodland and Alpine plastics are both made with Post Consumer Recycled Goods, and we also make blends of those, using organic Hemp polymers.

We work with numerous organizations to help reduce our carbon footprint, at AGL. We work with companies like Zero Waste Recycling, to ensure that none of our garbage, or cardboard, ends up in a landfill. We work with One Tree Planted, and Tree-Nation, to plant as many trees as possible to combat the wild fires and droughts that have plagued California; but also to globally combat higher CO2 levels. We work with Fill-It-Forward to ensure that our water usage contributes towards water conservation projects, all around the globe while minimizing the amount of plastic bottles that end up in landfills.

We are willing to work, and collaborate, with other like-minded companies that believe in being environmentally sustainable, as well as growing this great sport! So please do not hesitate to reach out! Let's all work together to help reduce, reuse, and recycle! Let's GROW!


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