Plastic Info

So here at AGL... we do things differently. We like to shake things up! We figured if we could use recycled plastic to make our discs, and they fly just as well - then WHY NOT?!!!!

So here is a breakdown of our plastic types:

Alpine - our premium plastic that is extremely durable and has amazing grip. Typically made with 20-40% recycled plastic with the remainder being regrind.

Woodland - our base plastic that is blended with recycled plastic and recycled rubber, which can be made in Firm, Medium, and Soft to give you the best feel. Typically made with 20-60% recycled plastic with the remainder being regrind.

You may have seen our mission how we want to be the greenest disc golf company out there by being the first manufacturer to use recycled material in 100% of our discs. And where we can't use recycled plastic - we use regrind. Regrind is plastic that was already something else and we grind it up and use it in our discs. This is a huge step towards reducing the amount of plastics that end up in the landfill. Recycle, Reduce, and Re-use!!!

And below is a breakdown of our plastic additives:

Hemp - we add Hemp to our Alpine or Woodland to create a blend that is made with sustainable resources. You may see them labeled as Alpine Hemp or Woodland Hemp. (If also Soft, for example, it would be Woodland Soft Hemp). Hemp additive can add a little more turn to the disc, usually.

Glow - we add glow in the dark material to either Alpine or Woodland blends, creating Alpine Glow or Woodland Glow plastic. The glow can make things a little more stable or perhaps even a tad more firm than standard.

Tundra - we add a recycled Nylon mix into either our premium Alpine, or our base blend Woodland. You may see them labeled as Alpine Tundra or Woodland Tundra. Typically the Tundra material gives a blue-ish color and an added level of durabilty.

Polar - we add a recycled acrylic polymer that actually gives off an almost nail polish remover smell. These tend to take a little stability off the mold, but add an amazing level of grip. You may see them labeled as Alpine Polar, as it is typically only used in conjunction with our Alpine plastic.

Boreal - we add a recycled "Hi-Flex" polymer that has INSANE flexibility and grip. This tends to make the disc have less skip, and can easily become a favorite if playing in cold or wet conditions. 

Cobalt - we "borrowed" some of Gateway's new Cobalt blend which is made of a blue regrind that has a high shrink rate, and allows the plastic to "dome up" some and generally create a disc with more glide. This also has a really nice grip to them, but that may be sacrificed for a little bit of durability.

Lichen - we add a bunch of grinded up foil (metal flake), that is made from us taking the leftover foil material and grinding it in a paper shredder and then a coffee grinder to add a layer of metal flake, in the plastic. This is usually done only on Alpine plastic, so you may see them labeled as Alpine Lichen. This doesn't typically change the flight of the batch. 

We were the first company to start taking other brand discs and grinding them up to use in our own manufacturing. Send us your old discs, and we will turn them into new discs!

Check out this video for more insight to our plasic: