Plastic Info

So here at AGL... we do things differently. We like to shake things up! We figured if we could use recycled goods to make our discs, and they fly just as well - then WHY NOT?!!!!

You saw that we want to be the greenest disc golf company out there. One of the ways in which we have done that is with our constant use of recycled plastic in our discs. We use Post Consumer Recycled goods in ALL OF OUR DISCS!!! YES, ALL OF THEM!!!

We partnered up with Gateway and then we sought to purchase our own mix of American made recycled polymers. We helped purchase 4x tons worth, so far! And then we mix that in with Gateway's recycled plastic at very specific ratios to get your favorite plastics from AGL; like our premium Alpine plastic, and our base Woodland plastic.

The Alpine plastic is our premium recycled polyethylene blend that is comparable to most other companies' high end polymer blends, but remember - ours is recycled! We can and have done some more rare recycled blends mixed in with our Alpine; such as a strong Nylon polymer which we called Tundra (as it has a blue hue), and a very durable Acrylic polymer which we called Polar (as it was white and didn't take to too many colors).

The Woodland plastic is our baseline blend that is extremely forgiving and holds its flight path for the entire life of that disc! Our Woodland blend always has a little recycled polypropylene to give it that "bounce back" if it were to smack a tree or hard object. We have blended the Woodland blend with other sustainable materials such as Hemp to make our Woodland Hemp, and this adds a great texture and grip to our discs. And we now have been able to add the Hemp blend into our premium Alpine as well!

Our goal was to keep things simple, and not convolute the selection process for our fans/customers. We wanted to also have the ability to play with our blends, doing small batches, to try and fine tune our mixes and provide you all with the best plastic we can! We can add more of one thing to make a disc more "domey" or to add more of something else to make a disc more "firm" or "flat". We love that we can cater to our fans and truly give them something that they can, and hopefully will, use for a long time! 


Much Love,

- AGL Family