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So the story behind this disc: David "Mac", the owner of Gateway, had made this disc a while back and had only made about 300-400 range. He already had a few overstable mids, and so did the companies before AGL. But he only made in a baseline blend, and never a premium.

Anyways, he had been slowly putting one or two of these #52's into random mystery boxes, because he was planning on chucking the mold altogether. And one day, back in December of 2020, he sent me a mystery box after I asked him for some overstable mids (based on the requests of the team), and luckily he threw one of these in where I fell in love with the #52! So I grabbed up the rest of them, and claimed it as an AGL disc.

Then we did a vote on the team page - and you guys all decided on one of our team captains, to name the disc. Jon Youngbar, Woodland Team Captain, was honored with naming #52, and he came up with "Beech". Much love Jon!