About Us

This is a sport we believe in.

     We are not a large, multi-national company trying to make money off the "next big thing"; it's as far away from that as you can get! Above Ground Level is made up of The Jones Family, who work hard to ensure that each and every order gets handled with care and love. Our Warehouse Manager Ava (7yrs old) tells everyone around the office what to do, and she prints every single shipping label for our customers. We are also made of a few diehard fans - and we all decided that we really wanted to start producing high quality discs with their own tweaks added in, and now here we are!

     We now have a team with over 60 members, including both Pro Open and Amateur players from all ages, and all walks of life. When we go out and play, we want two things - a lot of fun and a good game, because sometimes that's not the same thing! We play courses all over the United States, and Canada, and we always have a few of our discs to compete with - as well as a couple extra for fans of the brand! See if you can spot us playing in a tournament some time! #TeamAGL 

     We're not afraid to turn the traditional designs inside out, upside down, or whatever else works to squeeze in every ounce of performance from our discs. Our customers know that every disc they buy from us has been designed on years of real world performance and twisting. By always willing to push the edge of the envelope, and integrating modern 3D workflows, we quickly take ideas and begin producing prototypes. This is what allows us to ensure high-quality, high-value products with extended research periods leading to short "time-to-market" once a design has been validated.

* Each of our discs will correspond to a specific seed/tree, and vice versa. Our first designs being the, Cypress driver, which is currently available. AGL Discs stands behind our company commitment to provide unique products that are more durable than our competitors. This will maintain a proper flight path for a longer lifespan. We are sure you will be happy once you give us a chance!

We appreciate you taking the time to read this - and our website is a constant work in progress, so we also appreciate your patience. Let's work together to grow the sport!


Thank you,

- Team AGL Members