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AGL Discs - Gift Card
Albert Barbery
Quality products and excellent customer service

Love the shorts, hat pin, and Magnolia.

AGL Discs - Gift Card
Andrew Hylla-Phillips
AGLiens provide.

The AGLien shirt is a Gildan shirt, the fabric is soft with no rough edges. The color of the dark heather is nice, and one of my favorite color types for T-shirts. The art is awesome, alien themed disc golf art is great.

I got the Baobab for a good friend of mine since he was interested in a Baobab, he showed up for glow last night and even used it for glow since it had some glow particles in it. He likes the Baobab, so do I.

AGL Discs - Gift Card
Eddie Raymond
Love my AGL

I recently picked up a new Glow Acacia and a new ghost stamped Magnolia... I haven't had an opportunity to try how the. Yet but first impressions... I love them.. they came quickly packed in clearly marked AGL boxes, free of any damages. I got exactly what I ordered! Thank you AGL for doing it right. If your looking for a disc golf company focused on quality and customer satisfaction then choose AGL. Use code RAY_AGL for a 10 percent discount, not valid with other promotions.

AGL Discs - Gift Card
Andrew Robinson
Best Discs EVER!!!!!

Got the summit stash redwood and cedar and let me tell you…..they not only look sooo damn good but they somehow fly even better!! 🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥

Amazing Disc

Love this disc! Does exactly what it’s supposed to do right out of the box. The numbers are very accurate and went dead straight when I threw it flat.

Best in the business

Awesome fast shipping!!!! Great customer service and great disc!

Always awesome

Everything from customer service to all of AGL merchandise is always awesome

Straight up straight

Everyone needs a super straight, point and shoot fairway in their bag. It doesn't get any better than the Sycamore for that. Very reliable flight, and very true to the numbers. If the Sycamore doesn't end up where you intended, it's definitely your fault. And that is the kind of disc that will not only improve your scores, it will improve your skills. Highly recommended

AGL Discs - Passion Fruit Yellow Alpine Locust
the more Locusty Locust

The Locust has been a staple driver in my bag almost since I first started playing disc golf. The old runs I have are relatively straight to flippy even which was good for me as new player. These new Locusts have a retooled mold that makes them fly very true to the numbers and I am absolutely loving them. Amazing distance for a 9speed disc and a super reliable fade at the end. My go to for forehand flex drives. AGL knocked it out of the park with these. Oh, and I love the new double register stock stamps, it is really helpful to have the plastic type stamped above the flight numbers. Well done.

You are awesome!

Everything you all do is amazing! Love everything about you guys!

His and Hers

Bought 2 bags for my self and my wife. One neon green one pink. It's very roomy, has capacity for over 10 discs and still has a side pocket and front pocket for your nik naks. Even has a water bottle holder. Really the only thing missing from this bag is maybe a couple of velcro straps for a retriever pole. Otherwise this is all you need to venture out and have a great day of disc golf. I love this bag, and so does my wife. I would recommend this to a friend.

AGL Discs - Snowy GLOW Alpine Locust (20 Arms Stamp)
Caleb Henson
Big Fan

AGL has some of the most reliable plastic on the market I also love how it fits in the hand! They are also good about the different plastic grades and how the numbers may change if you have alpine vs woodland or something like that. Very honest and upfront on things which is a plus for me. Also quality control is huge and I haven’t touched a disc that I didn’t like in the sense of what it was meant for.
Cons: I wish there was a a little bit more variety in the throwing putters and drivers.

AGL Discs - Orchid Alpine Lichen Magnolia (Big Tree Stamp)
Alejandro Guajiro
Jump like a Willys in four wheel drive

Lovin’ my Big Tree Alpine Lichen Magnolia.

Super stable reliable fade after a big straight haul and whoa that glide! Forehand only player, feels great both in and releasing from the hand. If I keep it lower or come short into the green with speed I’m routinely getting big flare skips up towards the basket.

This disc is a summer love in the spring, fall and winter. It can make happy any man alive

All season goodies!

The best all season subscription you will get!! Quality disc/products, quality service, quality company!!

Always happy

Amazing discs as usual, love the Acacia and what a service

AGL Discs - All Season Subscription

AGL Discs - Grape Woodland Firm Baobab (AGL Bar Stamp)

AGL is where it's at

If you're on the fence, get some AGL in your life. You don't need to live in the forest to throw these trees. Top tier plastic, molds and beyond excellent customer service. AGL for life.

AGL Discs - Cookies and Cream Woodland Hemp Acacia (Face Mask Stamp)
Matthew Heminger
All of the good stuff

It's nice to have the amount of communication that you get with AGL. Even if something goes wrong, they are quick to set things right. A+ customer service. The discs are obviously great and pretty too!

Excellent company!!! With amazing disc

I have yet to find a more personalized disc golf company ( believe me I try lol ). I am one of those guys that’s always on the lookout for something New. That magical Disc that will SAVE my game! Problem is… I always end up circling back to AGL Disc, They have Everything I need from custom stamping beautiful disc. To top end plastic. Customer service that can’t be matched by any other company. On any giving day you can call or text the owner himself!! And finally the Discs…. (The best part of the company). They are amazing everything you need to compete at the highest level of your game. No matter where I’m at or what course I’m on I always have Agl discs in my bag…

AGL Discs - Banana Alpine Cedar (Trees Win Stamp) *ONE PER PERSON
Garret Dayton
Better than a OG firebird

Ordered a ton of cedars because they are over stable. They are the most predictable, over stable, disc I have thrown if you have the arm speed. Flat top firebirds can be pretty expensive and these have that same over stability, except they are a higher speed, in my experience. The only not really problem with them is how durable AGL plastic is. The premium cedars took a while to beat in, but as they did I started to rely on them more and more. The hemp plastic makes the old innova DX look like a joke. I have a hemp Baobab that only gets softer and more accurate the more I throw it. Lastly, the shipping was great! I ordered a few limited run stamps for display and they came well packaged, with a bag that even list what # the stamp/disc combo was. AGL is a great company just for what they believe in and represent, but they really stand behind it with their product.

Crow sycamore

Beautiful stamp colors. Durable Alpine Hemp Plastic all in all a wonderful product

AGL Discs - Cookies and Cream Woodland Hemp Acacia (Face Mask Stamp)
Zachary Holt
Woodland hemp Facemask Acacia

Absolutely love them. Just the firmness I was looking for and a beautiful stamp design.

Great products! Love all the new stamps that have been coming out.

Best Disc company on the planet

What else do I need to say? Excellent people. Excellent products. Excellent mission.