At Above Ground Level we believe in giving back! We have worked, and will continue to work, with many great organizations that we are proud to have a strong connection with. At AGL we want to be the "Greenest Disc Golf" company out there. Below are some of the areas that we try to give back, and be a part of the solution! 



Each PRODUCT that we sell, not just discs - but each product, corresponds to us planting a tree in your name (if you accept it). The company Tree Nation allows us to plant a tree in your name for every single product that we sell, and they send a secondary email after you receive the order confirmation email from our site. Make sure to accept it and create your own forest to plant your trees! Here is a link to checkout how many trees we have helped plant!

NOT ONLY THAT... but we also provide you with the opportunity at check out to receive your own actual tree seed that corresponds to the disc mold you ordered. So if you ordered a Willow for example, you would get a Willow tree seed! This is just another way we believe in giving back and our lifelong goal of planting 1,000,000 trees!



We also are committed to not just planting trees, but also where those trees go and where they call home. For disc golf at AGL, we put our discs in our backpacks. Our discs are named after trees so it's only fitting that we name our backpack after a Nation Park - Yellowstone! So for each of our Yellowstone backpacks that we sold, we donated to the Yellowstone National Park! Here is a link if you want to donate more to our great parks!

That page will take you to the page where you can donate to any and all National Park services, or you can donate directly to, like we have. Let's keep our parks alive! 


Special Needs

Growing up understanding or having a certain empathy for special needs kids/people is something that I am very thankful for! My mother was a Special Education Pre-school teacher for over 30years and she even helped to create a program called TEACHH that will help to teach other teachers, how to teach kids with special needs. So it's something that has been very close to my heart as I have always gone in to help her in her classrooms and during summer school, I would even volunteer to help out at the school wherever I could. Below is one of a school that has been helping people for over 200 years who are dealing with the loss of some, or all, of their hearing - The American School for the Deaf.

That page will take you to the American School for the Deaf and how you can directly donate straight to them, like we have. Each product that has the ASL "AGL" logo on it, will have proceeds that will be added to what we donate to the school here. Let's keep paying it forward!



Everybody wants to feel welcomed and to feel that they belong. It's one of the draws I had to disc golf - everyone was so welcoming! But not everyone feels that way, especially if they are dealing with maybe not feeling like themselves even in their own skin. So that takes us being open and inclusive to helping everone feel like they are happy being who they are. We encourage and profess to all our team members that we never want to bash, or put down, anyone for whatever their beliefs or preferences. We have worked with many groups to encourage that type of support for one another and we will always continue to do so! Below is a highly recommended site/network where folks can go to get the support they need - The Trevor Project.

That page will take you to the Trevor Project site where you can donate directly to them, like we have. We did a Pride Month stamp in 2023, where we donated proceeds of the sales to the Trevor Project and we will always continue to establish a safe place where any disc golfers can call home. Let's make everyone feel as if they belong! We are all humans, no matter what we believe.