AGL Discs - AGL Summit 'Stash' Magnet


Available Now!


Here is the design you ALL have been waiting for! Lol. This was made by someone on our fan page to pay homage to my beautiful, luxuriously thick, mustache. It's funny because it also conveys the message of our Summit Stash. Which is a collection here on the site that holds our very rarest discs, or creations. There is a Summit 'Stash' Magnet, Hat Pin, or even a custom stamp - that you can get added to your favorite AGL (or non-AGL) disc.

This here is a high quality magnet made by StickerMule. It measure's about 3"x 2.75", and we love that we are able to bring this to you at such a great price. It's a fun little add on to your favorite cart, refrigerator, or favorite shelving unit!