Collection: AGL aX-Out

This is where we have the wonky discs or our apparel with our aX-Out design! There may be a small defect, dis-coloration, knick, or dent, in one of these discs - but most of them are actually fine! They will sure fly fine!  If you want to get down to it, our famous aX-Out design (created by Ryan @ Ripper Studios) is one of the coolest X-out stamps we've ever seen! And with the way we stamp them, you are not gonna get a duplicate aX-Out - which makes them ALL really unique, but also affordable! It's the perfect way to try out one of our molds without paying full price.  aX-Out discs will also NOT come with a seed, FYI.

*Pictures are examples and not the disc you will receive. All orders will have random colors of discs, and foil.