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AGL Discs

AGL Discs - Bab-It-Up Challenge

AGL Discs - Bab-It-Up Challenge

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Bab-It-Up Challenge! The one disc, crazy fun, insanely funny day of disc golf! The perfect - Tournament in a box!!! - Shotgun Style Start!!! GET $2 BACK PER PLAYER!!!***

Grab a Bab. Throw a Bab. Roll a Bab. Putt a Bab. Basically - Bab-It-UP!

$25 Entry Fee - Gets each player:
1x Event Baobab Disc 
1x Event Towel
1x Event Acorn Mini
1x Event Sticker
1x AGL Pencil

As the Tournament Director, we recommend that you first set up your event on Disc Golf Scene, at your local club (once you get the "okay" from the club/course). The date would ideally be 2-3months out from when you would start the signups. This way we also have enough time to get you your products. We have already discounted each set by $2 per person. Typically the 100pk would be $1800, the 50pk would be $950, and the 25pk would be $500 - but we have already applied the discount to make sure that you get the $2 per person, to go BACK towards your club or your course. 

100pk Will Receive: 98x Event Discs + 2x Tournament Director Discs, 100x Towels, 100x Acorns, 100x Stickers, and 100x Pencils *100$ gift card winner and $50 gift card roller winner

50pk Will Receive: 48x Event Discs + 2x Tournament Director Discs, 50x Towels, 50x Acorns, 50x Stickers and 50x Pencils *50$ gift card winner and $25 gift card roller winner 

25pk Will Receive: 24x Event Discs + 1x Tournament Director Discs, 25x Towels, 25x Acorns, 25x Stickers and 25x Pencils *25$ gift card winner and $10 gift card roller winner

The point of this event is to - well, HAVE FUN! For those of you have thrown a 'Bab', you know how awesome they can be. And if you haven't thrown a 'Bab' yet, then you sure WILL have fun, at this event! It will be a day full of you and your card-mates saying "WOW" or "OMG" lol. They have literally a wall of an edge for a rim, like a wheel, so they are able to ROLL FOR DAYS! It's also what makes them so overstable and great for forehand shots. *

Above Ground Level Disc's Baobab is an overstable, putt & approach disc that is truly changing the way people think about their throw and what a disc can do. This disc is so abnormally shaped that it just... WORKS!!! It has amazing torque resistance which makes it an excellent choice for forehands. Backhands require a little "finesse", but they also work amazingly well for those STRAIGHT forehand roller shots! Let go at dead straight 12 o'clock, and they roll forever!

And for after the round, have folks use their Baobab, to either do a "Baobab Hill Climb" Contest, or a "Baobab Roller Contest". Winner of either will get their name entered into the Bab-It-Up Hall of Fame, for their course, and the year.

**Your course would determine if you would do a hill climb or roll contest. If you had a hill you could do a hill climb, if NOT then you would do longest roller contest. Typically 1x shot per player - take the longest shot for winner.

***Thank you for participating in this event. We want to let you all know that for every Baobab Challenge - we put a minimum of $2 per player BACK TO THE CLUB, COURSE, CITY, or whoever is running it. Essentially this is a $2 discount, that will be shown as a discount. 


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