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AGL Discs

AGL Discs - Woodland Spruce 177-182g (Prototype Stamp)

AGL Discs - Woodland Spruce 177-182g (Prototype Stamp)

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It's here! AND it got approved today (1/31/2022), so now anyone who has one is able to use it in PDGA Sanctioned events, starting today! Awesome! This is a beadless, thinner profile, midrange - that has a little bit of turn and maybe not quite as stable as our Magnolia. Some have said it's like a Mako...

As always, the disc you see is just used as a representation of the lot, and not the actual disc you will receive. If you have a preference for foil color, please let us know in the notes and we will do our best to accommodate. Thank you for supporting our family business, and we hope they fly well and true!

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