AGL Discs - Woodland Prototype Blend BEECH (AGL Team Stamp - ONE EACH For Team Members ONLY)


Available Now!


This is it! Just for you Team Members. The Beech! 

This mid-range disc is overstable and fun to throw. It makes me think of a Bab with glide, although I am not sure it has a 5 glide, maybe a 3 or 4. But I NEED YOUR HELP TO FIGURE THAT OUT!  We will have a form where you guys can submit your thoughts for flight numbers. It's gonna be fun! 

So the story behind this disc: David "Mac", the owner of Gateway, had made this disc a while back and had only made about 300-400 range. He already had a few overstable mids, and so did the companies before AGL. But he only made in a baseline blend, and never a premium. You guys will notice it is different than our typical Woodland. Hence me saying in the title "Woodland Blend". It does have his baseline "Sure Grip" plastic but also some Platinum as well. So it's different. I will say, our plastic will probably give it a tad more longevity of life, and maybe a tad more stability. He had been working on it and our other molds we needed - but now he took a surprise vacation and will be out to see me on Monday. 

Anyways, he had been slowly putting one or two of these #52's into random mystery boxes, because he was planning on chucking the mold altogether. And one day, he sent me a mystery box after I asked him for some overstable mids (based on the requests of the team), and luckily he threw one of these in where I fell in love with the #52! So I grabbed up the rest of them, but they DO have "Proto #52" and "Gateway Underground" stamps, PLUS the "Team AGL" stamp. So technically it's a 3 stamp disc!

But we did a vote on the team page - and you guys all decided on one of our team captains, to name the disc. Jon Youngbar, Woodland Team Captain, was honored with naming #52, and he came up with "Beech". Now when he gets back to the shop, he will finish the premium blends of this (and other molds) that we desperately need. 

The available colors are only Blue and some Purple. The weights vary. Please let the folks who need lower weights get those folks. Remember this is just our team getting these, so let's try to be as fair as possible. Only one per team member! Please and thank you!