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AGL Discs

AGL Discs - Woodland Soft Baobab (Love Wins Stamp)

AGL Discs - Woodland Soft Baobab (Love Wins Stamp)

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Let's show our support, and our pride in each other. It's a great feeling when you can be yourself and be supported for doing so. No one should ever be treated differently just because they are different. At the end of the day, we are all humans and we all want to be loved. So with this stamp, we figured to hit it home with that one simple, but all encompassing phrase... 


*And yes we know about the typo. Our graphic designer has dyslexia and well like we said - we're all different 😉. But our most sincerest apologies. 

Portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Trevor Project. Thank you all for supporting Love!

All of these are rainbow stamps with the rainbow bars being laid out horizontally. BUT, there is one with the rainbow bars being laid out vertically! And if someone finds that and shares on social media, we will do a $50 gift card! Good luck! Willy Wonka style! 

The AGL Discs Baobab is an extremely overstable putt and approach disc golf disc. The Baobab sports a unique set of flight numbers at 4/0/1/3. This disc does not like to fly and when it does, it likes to fade hard. NO ONE TERM can quite define the Baobab but it has quickly become a favorite among those who have thrown it. The Boabab features a top bead and flat top making it comfortable to throw both backhand and forehand further increasing its versatility. When made in our premium Alpine plastic, this disc becomes a freight train of a forehand roller shot, hence earning the title the “Bao-Bowler”! Whether you need a long putt to fall quickly to avoid trouble, need a tight s-curve flight, or just need a disc to dump hard the Baobab will take your approach game Above Ground Level. 

As always, the disc you see is just used as a representation of the lot, and not the actual disc you will receive. If you have a preference for foil color, please let us know in the notes and we will do our best to accommodate. Thank you for supporting our family business, and we hope they fly well and true!

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