Each AGL Disc Purchased Comes BAGGED With A Corresponding Tree Seed And Every Order Comes With An AGL Disc Pencil, And A Sticker.

AGL Discs - Woodland Magnolia (AGL Bar Stamp)

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It's BACK! The AGL Magnolia, in our famous Woodland Base Blend Plastic, is back! This disc, when done in this plastic, is such a straight flying - controllable - mid. 

Flight numbers are: (But in this plastic, it almost flies more like a

The Magnolia is our best selling mid-range, and a fan favorite FOR SURE! And as always, every AGL Disc (not mini) purchased through our website, comes with the corresponding seed. So you would receive a Magnolia tree seed with this purchase. Stamps are assorted, but if you have a preference - please let us know in the notes and we will do our best! 

Thank you for the support! #discgolf #AboveGroundLevel #AGLDiscs #TeamAGL