AGL Discs - White Alpine Baobab (Prototype)


Only 4 left!


We ALL have been waiting for this to happen, and it's finally here!!! The Baobab is taking the industry over as one of the best selling "utility discs" and now it's finally been made available in our famous ALPINE plastic. This is incredible. We are so excited to bring you the next big thing to hit AGL!

This is the first time we did this, but this also may be the last. There 

We are also stoked to be able to make the disc available in a variety of weights. 

The white Alpine plastic came out with some that aren't quite flat white. Some have a little hue of color. So let us know if you wanted the flat white. 

Stamps vary.

*It's Baobab, not Boabab, nor Baobob, nor Baobab! Lol.