AGL Discs - Valentine's Day Woodland Ponderosa (Sadie Snyder Stamp)


Only 1 left!


So we love to support young artists, and this is Ava's best friend Sadie Snyder who did this latest holiday stamp for us! We are proud to have Sadie's artwork on some soft Pink Hemp Woodland Ponderosa's. We plan on doing only 50x with a small mix of foils, shazzle dazzle crackle and aqua crackle. One LUCKY person will get one, a one of one, with a Rainbow Foil stamp that will be worth a $50 gift card, once they show us on social media! 

Below we asked Sadie to write something to go along with the product, and this is what her family said she had to say:

"Made by artist Sadie Snyder. Ava’s best friend! Sadie is 8 years old and loves Avatar The Last Airbender. Her favorite character is Aang! Sadie loves to climb trees and her favorite place in CA, is Santa Cruz. Sadie loves to play disc golf, especially if it’s with Ava. Sadie’s inspiration for the artwork came from her love of nature & bringing peace and love to the world. Sadie says she is raising money from chores and other things to help the homeless and help people adopt from animal shelters."

So I will give Sadie $1 for every disc sold (so $50) and then I will give her the stamp as well! That way she will always have her first stamp that was made from her artwork. Which is super cool for her! If her parents can coordinate everything, I would even let her come down and stamp one for herself or maybe even stamp the Rainbow winner one!!!

The stamp should arrive Monday or Tuesday, so this is a pre-order. That's why this is a pre-order for now. Thank you all for the support, and for supporting young artists!!!