AGL Discs - Green-ish Swirly Woodland Hemp Ponderosa (AGL Bar Stamp w/ Original Flight Numbers!)


Only 14 left!


The Ponderosa (Co-created by Johnny Eastaugh from Run-It Disc Golf) was our newest putter, and our first slightly understable putter. This thing sold out within the first few weeks of our approval! It has been received with such amazing feedback and the biggest complaint we've heard is that is has TOO MUCH GLIDE! Lol. This color runs a tad more on the firm side! They feel amazing! The colors range from the green shown above to the grey and some almost dark grey and dark green. They all have some swirls but some have more than others, so please let us know and we will do our best! Most are green-ish in some way as there are more green hemp ones than any other but each one will be super cool and unique to you! 

This batch was found while prepping for the move, this weekend. We figured we would share with you guys and maybe we could help the movers move less 🤷😜❤️!

The AGL Discs Ponderosa is an understandable putt and approach disc golf disc. The youngest tree in the AGL discs “forest” the Ponderosa is perfect for beginners and veterans alike. The flight numbers which ring in at 2/4/-1/0 mean that this disc pops up and flies straight and long for weaker arms and provides long arcing turn over shots for those with a bit more power. The glide on this disc is crazy and means that the Ponderosa is also a great circle 2 putter. The Ponderosa is the least stable of the AGL putters with the Madrone and Manzanita each adding an additional level of fade. Whether you are new to the game or looking to add a new dimension to your short game the Ponderosa will take your putts Above Ground Level.

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