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AGL Discs

AGL Discs - Starter Pack

AGL Discs - Starter Pack

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Alright, you asked and we deliver... If you haven't noticed, we sure try our best to listen to you folks. WHY??? Cause we believe in involving our team, and our fans, to help steer the ship (that is AGL) - as we navigate the waters of this amazing disc golf industry, together!

So here we have our first ever legit - Starter Packs!!! We have two options for you all to choose from. Normal Starter Pack is gonna be what we feel are 3x of AGL's best options (based on sales and feedback), for a beginner - or someone who may be an avid player, but looking to try out something from AGL. This is a great way to experience, or try out, some of our molds in a easy to grab pre-package set! 

The Starter Pack consists of:

  • One Woodland Douglas Fir or Madrone
  • One Woodland Magnolia
  • One Alpine Locust or Sycamore
  • One AGL Mini

*Disc colors, foils, and weights will vary - UNLESS specified in notes, during Checkout!

The Super Starter Pack is gonna be EXACTLY what you need to hit the course in style, but also watching those pennies! This is a backpack FULL of AGL Discs to get you fully started for your next weekend match, or an actual tournament. This pack comes with all the essentials, not just discs; to ensure that you can walk up to any course and bang some chains! 1x Backpack PLUS 10x Discs!!!!

The Super Starter Pack consists of: 

  • AGL Yellowstone Disc Golf Backpack
  • 2x Alpine (Premium) AGL Putters
  • 2x Woodland (Baseline) AGL Putters
  • 1x Woodland (Baseline) Approach Discs
  • 1x Alpine (Premium) AGL Mid-Range
  • 1x Woodland (Baseline) AGL Mid-Range
  • 1x Alpine AGL Control Driver
  • 1x Alpine AGL Fairway Driver
  • 1x Alpine AGL Distance Driver
  • 1x AGL Towel
  • 1x AGL Mini & Acorn
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