AGL Discs - Sew Fly Originals Collab Discs


Only 7 left!


So in order to commemorate our collaboration with Sew Fly Originals, and the creation of the collaboratively designed, soon to arrive, Acacia disc - we wanted to create a stamp that also was a collaboration of our logos! The great Ryan Koster was behind the graphic design of this stamp. We are very excited to bring to you the first discs stamped with this cool design!!!

First off - we have our newest run of our SWIRLY Alpine Cedars. Most are an almost eggplant color, but some are blue-ish to almost green. They ALL have intense swirls, and each has a different or unique stamp to accentuate its fun look. 

Second - we have our medium firm run of our Hemp Woodland Baobabs. These are cream colored and have a mixed assortment of stamp color options. 

Third, Fourth & Fifth - we have some xouts of some of each mold, as well as some xouts of the Glow Ponderosa. All 3 molds: Cedar, Baobab, and Glow Ponderosa - have all been stamped once with the collaboration logo, as well as once with the famous aX-out stamp. So these are all double stamped!!! There is a limited supply of these, but they will be discounted slightly, although nothing is actually wrong with the disc.