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AGL Discs - Rosy Pink Alpine GLOW Douglas Fir (Peace Skull Stamp)

AGL Discs - Rosy Pink Alpine GLOW Douglas Fir (Peace Skull Stamp)

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This stamp was deigned by Team Member Jazmine Bennett! These discs are all flat and, of course, GLOW.

With flight numbers of 4/3/-2/1 this is a thin, and FAST, approach style putter that works really well for folks who don’t like those deep dish style putters. The Douglas Fir is beadless and is slightly understandable to neutral, depending on arm speed. Most players with faster arms can get this to flip to flat on a hyzer release; whereas with arms that are not quite as fast - this disc will be a very very straight flyer. The Douglas Fir is an excellent disc to use for a driving,or approach putter (especially in our premium plastic), while it can also be used as a putting putter (in our base plastic). Surprisingly, this disc works out to be a really awesome disc as a roller, as well!

Thank you for supporting our family business, and we hope they fly well and true!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andrew Hylla-Phillips
So ponk. So bright.

Gorgeous stamp, plastic, mould.
This glows strong, and in a nuclear orange kind of color with the green glow and bright pink plastic.

Definitely recommend getting these before they're gone as strong, lasting full color glow doesn't seem to come out too often, and this is the first time a premium glow Douglas Fir has been released to my knowledge.

Princess Layup
LOVE my Dougy Fresh!

One of the "easy money" putt/approach discs that you need in your bag. The glow is AMAZING on these badboys too! Awesome products and even better customer service. Have ordered probably 100 times and have NEVER been unsatisfied. Thanks AGL!!

Adam Kopras
Top Notch Service

AGL Discs not only has amazing plastic, but they’re customer service is the best!