AGL Discs - Purple-ish Hemp Ponderosa (AGL Bar Stamp)


Available Now!


The Ponderosa (Co-created by Johnny Eastaugh from Run-It Disc Golf) was our newest putter, and our first slightly understable putter. This thing sold out within the first few weeks of our approval! It has been received with such amazing feedback and the biggest complaint we've heard is that is has TOO MUCH GLIDE! Lol.

So now after selling out, we got a small restock. Doesn't feel like this will last long, considering... So act now and grab one today! This time we did them in a few flexibility types to give you all some choices. Our Firm, our Medium Firm, and our Flexy Blend of Hemp Woodland Plastic that everyone has really been enjoying for the grip and durability. 

The purple hemp is a beautiful medium flex 

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