AGL Discs - Polar Lichen-ish Locust (White AGL Stamp)


Available Now!


Here it is folks! It's back! After such an incredible demand for these - we made sure to make enough (or hopefully enough)! This was after they ran the Lichen blend so there was still some left in there... Which is just awesome! It makes each disc truly unique with it's own fingerprint almost! Lol. Our new Polar Plastic is made with a very strong acrylic that make the disc incredibly strong as well. They take to dyes extremely well as well, BTW! 

This officially has been our most anticipated disc release, to date!!! After lots of testing and even a 1200 disc pre-release with DiscMember Subscription, it is finally available!!! We've seen all the searches for the Locust, and now you found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow 😁. 

The Locust fits in perfectly between our speed 7 fairway driver, the Sycamore, and our speed 11 distance driver, the Cedar. This disc sports flight numbers of 9/4/-1/3 which makes this disc a very versatile distance driver. The lower glide and -1 turn mean this disc can stand up to even the most extreme headwinds and still fly true. It was PDGA Approved 6/23/2020 for sanctioned events.

The Locust also provides that consistent and predictable left to right finish that can make all the difference when lining up a long drive. Whether you are looking for that perfectly placed overstable drive, or just need more confidence in your wind game the Locust will be sure to take your distance game Above Ground Level.

As always we appreciate everyone's support and patience. The disc you see is NOT the disc you will get. If you have weight or stamp preferences, please place them in the notes section upon checkout. You may also order your own custom stamps though Above Ground Level, as well.  #AboveGroundLevelDiscs #TeamAGL #AGLDiscs #DiscGolf