AGL Discs - Pink-ish Glow Woodland Magnolia (AGL Bar Stamp)


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The Magnolia is such a versatile mid-range! The Woodland plastic will break in a little easier than our famous Alpine plastic, and can become a crazy hyzer flipper! They still have the same glide and versatility. This batch has a medium flex feel, and are pretty flat. The stamp options vary. If you have a preference then please let us know in the notes. Thank you!

 Now in Woodland GLOW!!! The pink-ish color here ranges from a soft light pink to an almost red-ish pink. Some have swirls, but not many.

The AGL Discs Magnolia is a stable to semi-overstable midrange disc golf disc. The Magnolia represents AGL’s best selling disc and has become an instant classic. The Magnolia mid-range is perfect for those intermediate shots where you need a disc to fly straight and fade predictably. With a 5/5/0/2 flight rating this disc is just fast enough to be able to withstand a bit of power, but still slow enough to give you pinpoint accuracy. The stability of the Magnolia also means it is more than able to be thrown forehand into those touchy approaches. Find out why the Magnolia is the most popular disc in the AGL stable today!