AGL Discs - Pink-ish Alpine Madrone (AGL Bar Logo w/ Assorted Stamps)


Available Now!


Here is the #1 selling disc from Above Ground Level - NOW in our famous high quality, premium, Alpine Plastic. This plastic is so durable it's insane! We have never done any of our putters in premium plastic and we asked our fans what they wanted most, and you all said the Madrone! This is our prototype run and THESE WILL GO FAST!!! 

The Madrone is a stable Putt & Approach disc, with a small thumb-track on the top, with the flight numbers: 3/3/0/1

The weights of most of these discs, are max weight; but if you need something specific then please let us know in the notes section, upon checkout. 

*Pink color varies. The lighter pink is more firm, and the darker pink is more flexy.