AGL Discs - Pink Firm Woodland Baobab (AGL Bar Stamp)


Only 6 left!


The Baobab is BACK! This disc is a few sales away from becoming our best seller, it's incredible. Stamps vary. This batch of Pink Babs were firm and a little more stiff.

Such a weird design/shape/feel - but what it all adds up to is pure $$$ ! You can rely that this disc will stay put. It has ZERO glide but an immense turn and fade, so that it practically turns out of an anhyzer THE MOMENT YOU RELEASE IT! It is beefy!

Flight numbers are: 4/0/1/3

Yes, it has a positive turn! It's that OS. We appreciate the support as always! #discgolf #AboveGroundLevel #TeamAGL #AGLDiscs

#Boabob #Boabab #Baobob