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AGL Discs - Snowy White Alpine Redwood (AGL Bar Stamp)

AGL Discs - Snowy White Alpine Redwood (AGL Bar Stamp)

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Our newest disc, from AGL Discs, is FINALLY HERE - THE REDWOOD. This is a high speed, "glidey", distance driver with just enough turn to make this a real contender for longest flying disc in your bag. We spent about 2.5yrs designing the top on this disc, and we incorporated some rather unique characteristics. The leading edge, on the topside of the disc, has been sandblasted - with the very though in mind, like golf ball dimples, to actually increase speed as the air goes over the surface area that has been sandblasted. The bottom rim, we took from a discontinued Gateway driver and then made some modifications to it. It has micro-striations that function similarly, to the sandblasted top, in which it helps increase glide and therefore, distance. These new Redwood drivers are super fun and we are extremely excited to bring them to you all! We are also open to any and all feedback regarding numbers as we still have the form for the flight numbers up on our Facebook. So if you think they should be different, let us know!

We will separate the Redwood drivers into Domey, Super Domey, and Regular. We also will break down whether they are more opaque or more translucent, as these were made over the course of a couple days during production. For opaque, we will start to call it "Sub-Alpine". Much love and hope all is well!

As always, the disc you see is just used as a representation of the lot, and not the actual disc you will receive. If you have a preference for foil color, please let us know in the notes and we will do our best to accommodate. Thank you for supporting our family business, and we hope they fly well and true!

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