AGL Discs - Patreon SuperStamp


Available Now!


This is ONLY For our Patreons. They is to stamp ONE time for the Patreon Super Stamp. I have a list of who is a Patreon, so please only Patreons should be adding this to their cart. Let's honor the honor system here a bit, and if you want a Patreon SuperStamp, just become a Patreon! Lol

* Stamp is of the image show, but at 1.5" wide. This stamp is ONLY Available to our Patreons! Please indicate what stamp color you prefer in the order notes, otherwise it's dealer's choice. 

AND yes, you may use a discount on this. Doing this as an actual product ensures that your disc will get stamped and at the bare bones, me covering my foil costs. Thank you!