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AGL Discs - Orange Alpine Locust (Leaf Spinner #2)

AGL Discs - Orange Alpine Locust (Leaf Spinner #2)

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Gold Cobblestone / Red Crackle / Black Matte 

“Leaf Spinner" artwork Designed by: Ryan Koster (

Triple Register - the process of taking 3 individual, separate, dies (stamps) and layering them in a precise way that creates a 3 layer stamp; thereby giving the options for more colors and variety in the stamps. *Takes 3 days to do each disc, one stamp per day!!!

Each one of these discs, is completely unique. There were 60x total, and we did COAs (Certificate of Authenticity) for each disc from each color, numbering #1-60. We did 3x products with 20x options each, to be able to have them all on there. So here is how we labeled the colors, where the layer 3 was ALL done in Matte Black.

LAYER ONE - wind/stem  /  LAYER TWO - leaf face  /  LAYER THREE - details

The AGL Discs Locust, the newest fairwawy to our lineup, is a 9-Speed but is also an undercover distance driver. The Locust is quickly becoming one of our best selling discs of all time. We are truly amazed at how FAR this disc flies, and has been called the farthest flying disc in our lineup. This disc sports flight numbers of 9/4/-1/3 which makes this disc a very versatile fairway driver. The 4 Glide and -1 Turn mean this disc can stand up to some headwinds and still fly true. The Locust also provides that consistent and predictable left to right finish that can make all the difference when lining up a long drive. Whether you are looking for that perfectly placed drive, or just need more confidence in your throw; the Locust will be sure to take your distance game Above Ground Level.

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