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AGL Discs - Apricot Alpine Cedar (Trees Win Stamp) *ONE PER PERSON

AGL Discs - Apricot Alpine Cedar (Trees Win Stamp) *ONE PER PERSON

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"Trees Always Win" design is a super fun one where the Tree is EATING your disc. This is a double registration stamp which really makes the design POP. We hope you enjoy these as there are only 50x total made - 25x Banana and 25x Apricot. *One Per Person thank you! Apricot color variest from almost carrot orange to almost peachy color. See pictures for desired colors.

Double Register - the process of taking 2 individual, separate, dies (stamps) and layering them in a precise way that creates a 2 layer stamp; thereby giving the options for more colors and variety in the stamps. *Takes 2 days to do each disc, one stamp per day!!!

The AGL Discs Cedar is an overstable distance driver which came onto the scene in March of 2020. The Cedar was molded to replace our very first disc, the now out of production Cypress distance driver. The Cedar is perfect for forehands or for really cranking on your shot with a big anhyzer because it can handle big arm speed, or headwinds. With flight numbers which rate at 11/5/0/3 this disc is long, but predictable. The Cedar is the flagship driver in the AGL lineup, but it is one that can be relied upon. Those who remember the Cypress will find that the Cedar fits nicely into the hole left in the bag when the Cypress went out of production. Take your distance game Above Ground Level and bag your Cedar today.

Thank you for supporting our family business, and we hope they fly well and true!

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