AGL Discs - Neon Alpine Sycamore (AGL Bar Stamp)


Only 1 left!


It's back! And better than ever!

The Sycamore Fairway Driver. Flight Numbers are: 7/5/0/1

It MAYBE the best fairway driver out there. Straight as an arrow, and consistently reliable - the Sycamore, will be an essential part of your game! This batch is from the new Production run with a little more dome than our first 2x runs. Should glide for DAYS!

We got a new color additive that makes these new colors really POP! Some even have a ring around the edges, and we are calling it the "Ring Edition". Only a select few have the rings, so grab one today for your chance. 

*Yellow/Neon has some that are more opaque and some that are more translucent. Please let us know if you had a preference!