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AGL Discs

AGL Discs - Mystery Decals AGL (Assorted Colors/Assorted Designs)

AGL Discs - Mystery Decals AGL (Assorted Colors/Assorted Designs)

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Eh, your swag looks a little plain! Make your ride stand out with this cool permanent decal! These were hand crafted by the owner Josh's mom - Kathy! She has been working on iron on decals as well as permanent decals for your car or laptop. These are high quality permanent decals, not a typical sticker. We sell those too, if needed. 

Being that these are "Mystery Decals", we thought it would be fun for you guys to get a random one and give us some feedback. There are some that are skulls with AGL letters inside, or Birdies with AGL letters inside, some with just AGL letters in different colors and fonts! There are many more font variations on these decals then we did on the iron on's! We also have some special - AGL GAL ones for the gals!

  1. Clean and dry surface w/ alcohol
  2. Remove solid color/opaque backing
  3. With decal facing you, firmly press it onto surface from center outward to remove all air bubbles
  4. Carefully remove clear transfer tape/backing

From Momma AGL Graphics! Lol

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