Each AGL Disc Purchased Comes BAGGED With A Corresponding Tree Seed And Every Order Comes With An AGL Disc Pencil, And A Sticker.

AGL Discs - White Woodland 'HH' Madrone (Hunter Hotstamp Fundraiser)

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So Jake Hunter from Hunter Hotstamp gave 25x Madrones some super special love. This is in a very special run of our Woodland Plastic that almost feels like our glow plastic, except it's not glow. It is definitely more premium than our typical Woodland Plastic. 

Only 25x were stamped with Jake's mini "Hunter Hotstamp - Scary Good Stamps".

 Madrone is Microbeaded. for PDGA Approved flight numbers.

Our Disc Golf Putter - The Madrone, is taking the DiscGolf Industry by Storm. It's a crazy reliable putter that can be used for driving, and for inside the circle. Grab a set to save some dough, and practice with the best putter on the market!

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These are all FIRST RUNS BTW. You can tell by not having the Gateway Embossment!

All have a unique custom foil print. Don't miss out on this opportunity to grab a piece of history. And 10% of all proceeds will go to supporting Jake's wife fight cancer. Please support us in this great fight. Thank you