AGL Discs - Jef Wind Stamp Woodland Spruce


Only 4 left!


 Jef Wind once again KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE BALLPARK!!!! Super fun stamp and always intricate and hard to do - lol! BUT... we love it! And when it comes out good, its GREAT!!! SO these were actually all hand stamped by Sam Chainbang, who is also a co-owner of AGL. There are 25x of these and not only did Sam stamp all of them for you, but he also signed a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) for each one. Only 25x Salmon. These will also come with a FREE Sticker of the stamp, to accompany the disc sale! So due to the fact that these are so rare and limited, these will be limited to one per customer. 

The AGL Discs spruce is a slightly understandable midrange beadless disc This mid is slightly thinner compared to our other mids, which gives it a super comfortable feel in the hand. This disc is amazingly controllable but when given enough power can flip to flat on a hyzer release. With the flight numbers of 5/4/-1 / 2, this disc can allow the player to mold all types of shots. Some of the Alpine models may actually have some dome to them, and therefore catch some more glide; but the Woodland models typically come out flatter and more true to the numbers. This is an excellent midrange that truly allows for players to have all the shots necessary with an AGL midrange! 

As always, the disc you see is just used as a representation of the lot, and not the actual disc you will receive. If you have a preference for foil color, please let us know in the notes and we will do our best to accommodate. Thank you for supporting our family business, and we hope they fly well and true!

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