AGL Discs - Heady Beer League Stamp

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Drew and Bennet Bledsoe started Heady Mafia to feature their love of art! And it has turned into a whole other ball game. They now do stickers, hat pins, stamps, and all sorts of accessories to help make you the fly-est out on the course when flying some discs! Lol. We love working with these guys, and we also love to collect hat pins like they do! This is in honor of their Beer League and it's a very cool looking stamp!

$1 dollar of this will go back to the Heady Mafia to help them grow their awesome brand!!! So please show your support!

So now it's finally available for anyone to add to any of the discs they purchase from us. Or you can take part of our "Send Back" program where you send your favorite Non-AGL disc to us and we can stamp with this logo!

Leave notes in the order notes upon shipping if you have a preference on foil placement. Also realize that this will delay the order by ONE DAY, as we will have to stamp before shipping. *Josh is NOT a pro yet, so please don't expect perfection - but he will always do his best!!!

*Stamp is of the image show, but is around 1.75" in size. Please indicate what stamp color you prefer in the order notes, otherwise it's dealer's choice. 

AND yes, you may use a discount on this. Doing this as an actual product ensures that your disc will get stamped and at the bare bones, me covering my foil costs. Thank you!