AGL Discs - Green-ish Woodland Hemp Manzanita (Marissa Kula Tour Series)


Only 13 left!


This plastic is so grippy it's insane! We asked Marissa what she wanted and this is what she asked for! This feels SO MONEY! It's the perfect flexibility and amazing grip, with the organic Hemp mix added into our famous Woodland Base plastic. We are very excited for this disc, and I know Marissa is as well. The stamps are mainly white due to the intricacies of the stamp design.

The weights of most of these discs, are max weight; but if you need something specific then please let us know in the notes section, upon checkout. 

The Hemp fibers added in to the plastic mix, do cost us and the manufacturer EXTRA. We apologize about the price increase but it sure is worth it! These are awesome!