AGL Discs - Green-ish Woodland Hemp Baobab (Jason Lane Tour Series)


Only 7 left!


This is the next one in the 2021 AGL Tour Series Discs we are making specifically to our player's requests. Jason Lane, one of our top sponsored pro-players, wanted the Baobab to be softer and feel like the first runs more so; and be slightly flexible - as well as being "Amazing"! Lol. So we made this batch specially for him and we had the great Jef Wind create a masterpiece of a stamp for Jason. A percentage of the proceeds from this purchase will go towards Jason Lane and his tour/travel expenses. So please make sure to give her support! Much love! (Stamp colors vary). The pink varies from a lighter pink to an almost purple-y pink.

We did 200x of these special blends for Jason. They feel incredible! Jason has I think 7 different certifications for training and loves to work with kettlebells. His stamp image is just a testament to how hard he throws due to his kettlebell workouts! Check him out! Much love Jason!

The AGL Discs Baobab is an extremely overstable putt and approach disc golf disc. The Baobab sports a unique set of flight numbers at 4/0/1/3. This disc does not like to fly and when it does, it likes to fade hard. No one term can quite define the Baobab but it has quickly become a favorite among those who have thrown it. The Baobab features a top bead and flat top making it comfortable to throw both backhand and forehand further increasing its versatility. Whether you need a long putt to fall quickly to avoid trouble, need a tight s-curve flight, or just need a disc to dump hard the Baobab will take your approach game Above Ground Level.

As always we appreciate everyone's support and patience. The disc you see is NOT the disc you will get. If you have weight or stamp preferences, please place them in the notes section upon checkout. You may also order your own custom stamps though Above Ground Level, as well.  #AboveGroundLevelDiscs #TeamAGL #AGLDiscs #DiscGolf