AGL Discs - Glow Hemp Alpine Cedar (AGL Bar Stamp)


Only 2 left!


This is the FIRST TIME EVER, for a Glow Hemp Alpine Cedar. Only 100x made total, and we used 50x for the sets. So only 50x will be available here! Most are Max weight but if you had a preference for a lighter weight, please let us know and we will do our best! 

The Cedar has flight numbers: 11/5/0/3.

This disc is an overstable driver that doesn't disappoint. You can really crank on this and put your full power into your throw - knowing that this will take it. Great for forehands, or backhands, as well. It is VERY reliable for headwind shots and any time you need that consistent fade! 

Grab one today and bring your game Above Ground Level! We appreciate the support! #AboveGroundLevelDiscs #TeamAGL #DiscGolf #AGLDiscs

*Some are more white, some are white-ish, and some are clear-ish.