AGL Discs - Glow Disc Set (AGL Cedar, Madrone & Bonsai)

$44.99 $50.00

Available Now!


We know you all will be getting ready for those fun night rounds soon! So we wanted to prepare for that and allow you to grab this awesome set! This is the first time we are making the Glow Hemp Alpine Cedars AND the Glow Bonsais available! 

YES - YOU READ THAT RIGHT... This is the only way to get a Glow Hemp Alpine Cedar and Glow Bonsai, until we actually release them for sale, later this month! We are only making a limited run of 50x sets! Act quickly before they are gone! 

We appreciate the support! #AboveGroundLevelDiscs #TeamAGL #DiscGolf #AGLDiscs

*Weights will vary, as most of the Cedars & Madrones are close to Max weight. But we always do our best if you have a preference. Some of the Glow Cedars have an almost blue-ish green hue, and most are domey. Enjoy!!!