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AGL Discs

AGL Discs - Full Size Custom Stamp (25x Disc Minimum)

AGL Discs - Full Size Custom Stamp (25x Disc Minimum)

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So we do a ton of custom stamping... We can do some PRETTY interesting stuff now. Double stamps, off-sets, multi-layered. WE DO IT ALL! Our owner Josh, even teaches stamping now at the Stamp Academy. But if you want him to stamp something...

Here is your chance to get your own!!! Starting with a minimum of 25x discs, same mold/plastic. We will charge NO set up fee, and we will help you with any artwork or graphics help if you needed. 

* Availability of molds is subject to supply and demand. 

Woodland @ $8.50each & Alpine @ $11each. Stamp discounted to $120, when ordering with custom stamp package. AND NO SET UP FEE!

This product is at zero dollars as each sale will be rung up and invoiced individually. Some folks may want 25, 30, or 200+. So once we determine the quantity of discs, and molds - we can work out an invoice that also has shipping, added in. 

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