AGL Discs - DiscDot Logo Stamp

$2.50 $5.00

Available Now!


DiscDot is KILLING the game with their amazing, yet simple, add on - that makes any basket a target for which your putters to lock on. We now also sell DiscDots as well; and when you buy one from AGL it comes with an awesome carbineer to also bring with you wherever you go! 

Now this awesome logo is finally available for anyone to add to the discs they purchase from us. Please select your foil choice from down below. Some are thicker than others and some work better on some plastic compared to others. Leave us any notes if you have preference of placement. Also realize that this will delay the order by ONE DAY, as we will have to stamp before shipping. *Josh isn't a pro yet, so don't expect perfection - but he will always do his best!

* Stamp is of the image show, but is just about 1.5" wide. & Minus the Red LOL!

AND yes, you may use a discount on this. Doing this as an actual product ensures that your disc will get stamped and helps with me covering my foil costs. Thank you!