AGL Discs - Cream Alpine Hemp Magnolia (FLAT TOP Edition w/ Assorted Stamps)


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We have here a disc that will sure make the Magnolia a valid contender for #1 selling disc from AGL, if it isn't already. The Madrone and Magnolia go back and forth - it's funny.

The Magnolia is our only mid-range at the moment, but it is a work horse! It's flight numbers are, and it's one of the most versatile discs we've encountered in all our years playing. It has more "ACES" than any other mold from AGL Discs.

So we had so many folks ask us about doing the Magnolia in a FLAT TOP edition, like our old first runs. These are a little more firm then the 2nd or 3rd, or even the Amy Lewis runs. These are flat and have been indicated as such, with a small "F" on the inside rim, next to the weight. 

We want to thank everyone for all their support as we don't plan on stopping any time soon to bring you all the very best from AGL Discs! #TeamAGL #AGLFamily #AboveGroundLevelDiscs #AGLDISCS