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AGL Discs - Chartreuse Alpine Magnolia (Bus Rider #1-25)

AGL Discs - Chartreuse Alpine Magnolia (Bus Rider #1-25)

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"Bus Rider" artwork Designed by: Jef Wind (@part_fish_part_crayon on Instagram)

Triple Register - the process of taking 3 individual, separate, dies (stamps) and layering them in a precise way that creates a 3 layer stamp; thereby giving the options for more colors and variety in the stamps. *Takes 3 days to do each disc, one stamp per day!!!

When we first came out with our Magnolia (back in 2019), we let the famous artist - Jef Wind, AKA - "Onef Jef" - collaborate on a stamp for the first 100 Mags. It was so AWESOME, that we thought to pay tribute to Jef, and the Magnolia, by bringing back the first triple register stamp that AGL Discs has had available on our own site!!! This is huge!

Each one of these discs, is completely unique. There were 25x of each of the 4x colors, or 100x total, and we did COAs (Certificate of Authenticity) for each disc from each color, numbering #1-25. They are also organized on the site, as such, with the layers being labeled by color in the options below. So here is how we labeled the colors, where the layer 3 was ALL done in Matte Black.

LAYER ONE - tree colors  /  LAYER TWO - bus & tentacles  /  LAYER THREE - details

The AGL Discs Magnolia is a stable to slightly overstable midrange disc golf disc. The Magnolia represents AGL’s best selling mid and has become an instant classic for its versatility and the way it’s so easily controllable. The Magnolia mid-range is perfect for those intermediate shots where you need a disc to fly straight and fade predictably. With a (5/6/0/2 Alpine & 5/5/0/2 Woodland) flight rating this disc is just fast enough to be able to withstand a bit of power, but still slow enough to give you pinpoint accuracy. The disc has so much GLIDE in our Alpine we had to change the numbers and now call it a 6-Glide!!! The stability of the Magnolia also means it is more than able to be thrown forehand into those touchy approaches. Find out why the Magnolia is the most popular mid-range in the AGL lineup today!

Thank you for supporting our family business, and we hope they fly well and true!

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