AGL Discs - Hemp Madrone (ChainBang Stamp 4x Colors)


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So Disc Golf fans, it's HERE - AGAIN!!!
By popular demand...
 The Madrone was done in the famous Hemp Plastic. Yes! That's right, the disc is made WITH HEMP. This time we did it in 3x types of plastic: Firm, Medium Firm, and Flexy. Now with the awesome ChainBang logo!
We got it done in 3x colors: Cream, Dirty Tangy, and Blue.
(Dark Blue and Dirty Tangy are Firm, Light Blue is Medium Flex, and the Cream is the Flexy.)
Madrone is Microbeaded. for PDGA Approved flight numbers.
Our Disc Golf Putter - The Madrone, is taking the DiscGolf Industry by Storm. It's a crazy reliable putter that can be used for driving, and for inside the circle. Grab a set to save some dough, and practice with the best putter on the market!
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This is our production run, and you can tell by the hallow AGL stamp, and the Gateway embossment on the bottom.
 * The polymers used DO cost more, apologies about price but we had to make up the cost difference.

Thank you all for the support. As the Madrone is officially our best selling putter, and our best selling disc overall. #AGLDiscs #AboveGroundLevel #TeamAGL #DiscGolf #AGLFamily