AGL Discs - Blue-ish Woodland Beech (AGL Bar Stamp)


Only 1 left!


This disc took a while to put out, but I think it's cause it's gonna be such an awesome disc; that it was worth the wait! The colors range from a lighter blue to an almost dark blue, with a few having some or little swirls.

The newest mold in our lineup; making us have double digit approved molds now - the BEECH! Flight numbers for this new disc are: 5/2/0/3. We sent out 100+ discs to our team members to get a gauge from all types of arm speeds, and this was the median average rating for the flight numbers. 

The Beech is an overstable mid-range disc with a double bead on it. It's also got a very unique angle from the flight plate down to the edge of the disc, allowing you amazing grip when throwing it both forehand and backhand. It doesn't have as much glide as our other mid-range, but it can if one is found with a little dome - although most of the Woodland is flat, while the Alpine had a little dome. We are very excited to bring to market a new mold, that can be a great compliment to our current lineup. 

Thank you all! - AGL Family

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