AGL Discs - White Woodland Baobab (AGL Bar Stamp)

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Here it is... the Baobab! This is our newest mid-range (ALMOST) putt/approach disc that we did, in collaboration with: OTB Discs. We are stoked for this overstable beefcake. It was so weird, OTB had to give it a weird tree name! 

Hence - the Baobab! (Not Boabab or Boabob or Baobob - although we wrote them here so if you did a search and spelled it wrong, it would still come up. You're welcome!)

The flight numbers for the Baobab, are: (Yes, a positive turn - it's so beefy!!!)

We will have this amazing new disc available in two types of plastic, as well. There will be our Woodland Base plastic, and then also the famous Hemp plastic. The Hemp gives it a little more flex, as the Woodland is a little stiffer out of the box. THIS IS THE WOODLAND PLASTIC!!!

Thank you for your support and we appreciate your business here at AGL Discs. 

Please indicate if you have a particular preference on stamp color or weight. We will always do our best. Thank you for your support! Stay Above Ground Level!

*Almost cream colored. Not FLAT white.