AGL Discs - Banana Yellow Woodland Madrone (AGL Big Tree Stamp)


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The AGL Discs Madrone is a stable putt and approach disc golf disc.  A micro-bead and a shallow thumb track make this disc comfortable in the hand and give it a smooth flight and subtle right to left finish for right handed throwers. Sporting flight numbers of 3/3/0/1 this disc fits between the AGL Manzanita and AGL Ponderosa Putters in terms of stability. Whether shooting approach shots or sinking those important putts the Madrone will give you the confidence you need to perform Above Ground Level.

This is from maybe the what 6th or 7th batch now! Lol. These are amazing! Feel super clean and perfect flexibility and grip. They really remind me of the first run, and the third run! Also the stamp colors vary, so please do not get mad if you do not get the one in the picture. It will vary. If you have a preference, then please let us know in the notes and we will do our best. Thank you!