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AGL Discs

AGL Discs - Bag and Banner COMBO! (Onef Jef Custom Banner w/ Bag)

AGL Discs - Bag and Banner COMBO! (Onef Jef Custom Banner w/ Bag)

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This is a combo to get the famous AGL Yellowstone ALONG with the famous Jef Wind "Onef Jef" Custom Backpack Banner! This is a discount to get the bag and banner together! Let us know the bag color in the notes. 


Disc Golf Bag Banners…


Yup you finally purchased that new bag and it is wonderful, but what if it could be even more amazing!?  Well, it can.  Get you bag personalized by an original hand painted bag banner.  You provide what you want on it, and jef Wind (IG: @part_fish_part-crayon , FB: @onef jef) will create a very unique and creative banner for you.  

Each banner is hand sewn primed canvas and painted with acrylic paints and paint pens.  Each banner attaches to the (Velcro), loop and hook, area on the Yellowstone bag (banners can also be created for any bag with a hook and loop area on it. Without a doubt, these banners are super fun and will improve your overall style and swag on the course.

2-3 week turn around for each banner. (THESE ARE DONE BY HAND!)

Dimensions:  10” x 3.5” (AGL Yellowstone Bag),  9” x 3” (other bags on the market like Grip)

What would you like on your banner?  What bag is this for?  (please remember the size limitations when describing ideas…  keep it fun and positive)

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