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AGL Discs - Alpine Boreal Beech (The Beech #24-47)

AGL Discs - Alpine Boreal Beech (The Beech #24-47)

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Hey all, here is another Triple Register stamp that we had specially made for the Beech to represent the Beach! Lol. Triple Register stamps consist of 3 metal plates that when stamped together, creates a 3 layer multi-foil design. Triple Register stamps take 3 days to complete due to the process of installing a new plate to add each layer. This design consists of the water, the land and clouds, and then the fine details with wording. 

The AGL Discs Beech is an overstable midrange disc with a unique double bead on it. It's also got a very unique angle from the flight plate down to the edge of the disc, allowing you amazing grip when throwing it both forehand and backhand. With the flight numbers of 5/2/0/3 the Beech can definitely handle the power on those flex forehand shots, while still being a reliable overstable backhand mid. Some have called the Beech “the distance Bab”. Although it doesn't have as much glide as our other mid-range, it can if one is found with a little dome. Most of the Woodland models came out pretty flat, while the Alpine can have a little dome to them. We are very excited to bring to market a new mold that can be a great compliment to our current lineup. Enjoy that Beech life at AGL Discs!

Thank you for supporting our family business, and we hope they fly well and true!

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