AGL Discs - 3x Discs Starter Pack (6x Versions)


Only 2 left!


Here it is folks!

The first ever AGL Disc Golf Starter Pack! This is the best starter set to begin your Disc Golf Journey! Or just grab a set and go make the new "Hot Round" at your local course! Cause you can do so, with this set!

And due to the fact that we have some options for putters, we decided to let you choose the putter style, for YOUR Starter Pack! The other two discs included would be one of our best selling Magnolia Mid-Ranges, and on of our famous Sycamore Fairway Drivers!

Choose your putter style below!

1) 3pk Set with Madrone Putter (Micro-bead Stable Putter)

2) 3pk Set with Manzanita Putter (Beadless Overstable Putter)

3) 3pk Set with Ponderosa Putter (Beadless Understable Putter)

 - Or you can upgrade to a Hemp Madrone, Hemp Manzanita, or Hemp Ponderosa Set - for $2 more!

*Colors and weights will vary. Enjoy!!!