AGL Discs - 1st Run Sycamores (3x Color Options)


Only 3 left!


Well Gateway found some last call First Run Sycamores! These are amazing discs that was the first disc we collaborated with ChainBang Disc Golf together. It was a huge hit and we have since sold over 3000x Sycamores, since last year! It's been great, so thank you all! 

There are about 100x left of these, but only in a few color choices. The weights on these are primarily 170grams or less. Most in fact, are are closer to the 165g or under range. These will most certainly sell very fast, as they can definitely fill that slightly understable fairway spot in your bag - due to their light weight. 

Once these are gone, that is it! So thanks again for all of your support folks! 

* The "Off-White" has some that range from almost a tan to a almost neon. Please specify if you have a preference.